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Variety of management packages

At Morgan Villa Management we provide a variety of management packages for you to choose from; we are very flexible and can adapt each package to suit your requirements. Depending on the use of your property, whether it is rented to guests seasonally or used privately for family and friends we can cover all of your needs.

Choose from the following services to make up your personalised package:

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Annual Air Conditioning unit servicing

Air Conditioning unit filters, coils, and fins require regular maintenance for the unit to function effectively and efficiently throughout its years of service. Neglecting necessary maintenance ensures a steady decline in air conditioning performance and can result in poor air quality while energy use steadily increases.

Home appliance inspection and repair

To confirm that all appliances are in working order, we will run them through one or two cycles to make sure there's no trouble, such as a refrigerator that is not cooling, faulty microwave, leaking dishwasher etc. We will check all appliances when we prepare the house and at regular intervals throughout the year and arrange for repairs whenever necessary.

Alarm system contact

Although it is rare on Lefkas, break-ins do happen. If your house has an alarm system and you do not live on the island we are happy to be the contact connected to the alarm system so that we can alert the police and be on the spot as soon as possible.

Upholstery and sofa cleaning

Most manufacturers recommend having your upholstered furniture cleaned once every 12-24 months. However, if your home is used as a rental property it is advisable to have your furniture professionally cleaned at least once in the beginning of the summer season and once during the season depending on use. We use Kärcher spray extraction cleaners that ensure thorough cleanliness deep into the fibres of upholstery. The detergent is sprayed deep into the carpet or sofa under pressure and extracted together with the dissolved dirt, removing grease, dirt and odours.

Chemical clean of pool, pump and filters

For that sparkling clean pool, safe for swimming in, you have to manage the right balances of dangerous acids, chlorines and balancing agents. The wrong mix could create an unfavorable swimming environment and could cost you a lot of money! Our pool experts can set up your pool, acid wash the walls, perform a chemical service, clean and service the pump and filter system and maintain the pool throughout the season ensuring that it is safe, sanitary, and algae free.

Keyholder service

We offer a professional keyholding service, allowing you peace of mind that your property is safe and secure whilst you are not on the island. We may need to access your property whilst you are away for a number of reasons such as routine checks, repairs and maintenance, airing the property during the winter months, security checks etc. Keys are held in a safe place and only MVM personnel have access to these.

Pre-season/arrival set up

Pre-season/arrival comprehensive set up of your property. We will inspect your property; take an inventory and prepare a list of anything that needs to be repaired, maintenance or replacing. Once the list is complete we will work with you to choose what needs to be done. If replacements are needed we are happy to purchase these locally or further afield on the mainland.

Pre-season/arrival cleaning (interior and exterior)

Regardless of how well your home has been prepared for closedown it will always need a deep clean before use. We provide a pre-season/arrival cleaning service which includes the interior and exterior of your home. Ceilings, walls, light fittings, furniture and appliances are all cleaned plus the exterior will be pressure washed to remove and debris or dirt accumulated throughout the winter.

Twice weekly maid service (mid-stay linen change)

We aim to maintain spotless properties for your guests. We provide a twice weekly maid service which includes two visits per week. A fully comprehensive clean is performed during both visits regardless of whether your guests will be departing on staying at the property. During each visit we clean the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, hoover and mop throughout, change bed linen, clean windows, dust and polish and remove all rubbish.


Laundry can be delivered and picked up from the launderette and invoices delivered to your accountant for payment. An inventory is taken at the beginning of our contract and any damage to linen is reported to you and replaced as and when necessary.

Purchase delivery and set up of welcome hamper

From simple to decadent luxury we can provide the welcome pack that you would like for your guests or yourself. We can make suggestions in the case of rental properties and provide a ‘shopping service’ if you prefer, for the latter people can make their own choice of products and send us the list, we do the shopping and have everything ready and stored at your home. Any shopping can be reimbursed locally on arrival.

Information Pack

We provide a personalised and up-to-date guest information book for every property which includes all the necessary information about your property and the local area. Our Information Books are written by us and aside from the necessary information relevant to your home it contains information on the local area including history, mythology, customs and traditions, places to visit and things to do.

Meet and greet

We provide a ‘meet and greet’ service for your guests. When people arrive at your property we will be there to show them in and go through any special instructions on your appliances. We will also sit down with your guests and make some recommendations on things to do and places to see. We like to sit down with each party of guests so we can tailor make our recommendations to their own needs and preferences.

Property inspection

We inspect your property at regular intervals when it is not occupied. This ensures that it is safe and secure and that anything amiss is caught at the earliest instance.

Repairs and maintenance

When we visit your property, whether it is for a routine clean or an inspection, we will fix any minor problems immediately. In the case that we discover more serious issues these will be reported to you and a professional will be called in to make any necessary repairs or maintenance.

Pest control

We work with a local company who visits your property at the beginning of the season to inspect the premises and gardens. They eradicate any existing vermin and prevent future vermin problems from occurring. The company covers all areas of pest control including spraying to keep mosquitoes down, setting traps for vermin, removing wasp nests and keeping snakes away. The company will provide a Health & Hygiene Certificate for your use with local authorities or tour operators you may work with.

Weekly pool maintenance

We understand how frustrating it is when your pool is not crystal clear and has been allowed to go cloudy or green; our twice - weekly pool maintenance will avoid this issue. Our team of experts will visit your pool twice weekly to skim the surface removing debris, vacuum the bottom and walls to remove dirt and algae, check the chemical levels and top up if necessary and remove any suntan lotion lines around the rim of the pool. Our team will also tidy up the terrace and furniture around the pool and trim any plants back when necessary.

Garden and grounds maintenance

The gardens and outdoor areas of your property are just as important to us as the interior. Gardens, patios, stone paved terraces, walls, fencing etc will have our attention with trees and shrubs being cut back during the winter months, flower beds weeded and the soil turned, grass cut, stone paved patios pressure washed etc We are able to arrange planting, irrigation systems, repairing fences and walls etc

General Repairs

Should your property require any repairs that need immediate attention we can arrange for these to be carried out very quickly as we work closely with a team of local tradesmen who are familiar with our properties and understand the urgency of getting things fixed quickly.

Accounts management

If your property is a rental villa we can take care of collecting invoices, scanning and sending you a copy plus delivering the invoices to your accountant.

End of season close down

When you are leaving your house during winter for an extended period or closing up a summer holiday home, it is important to winterize your property to prevent it from deteriorating whilst you're away. We take all the necessary steps to prepare and protect your home and furniture for the winter season.

End of season repairs and maintenance

As part of our close-down process we check everything in your home and prepare a list of any work needed. We go through this with you and agree on a work schedule. We can replace worn out or broken items as well as make arrangements for any repair work, plumbing, painting or general property maintenance that may be required.

Winter visits to your property

Checking your property throughout the winter months will ensure that everything is always kept in top condition. When we visit, we run all appliances such as dishwasher, washing machine, A/C, kettle etc and open all the windows to air your home plus check throughout the exterior and grounds for anything amiss.
We look forward to working together to create the perfect care package to suit you, your home and future guests.

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